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Fumes From Hair Dye Leave Samantha Alexandra All Limp!!
11th August 2018

Cherry Finds Herself Limp And Powerless After Her Car Breaks Down!!
9th August 2018

Samanthas Limp Hypnotheraphy Session Goes Drastically Wrong!!!
5th August 2018

Student Stacey Spanked For Her Shockingly Poor Uniform!!
3rd August 2018

Stranded Samantha Lost & Helpless, Then Rescued, Only To Be Forced To Strip!!
29th July 2018

Slave 056 Collared, Tethered & Spanked!!!
26th July 2018

Cheating Cherry Made Limp By A Jealous Girlfriend!!
23rd July 2018

Samantha Alexandra/Slave No.56 In Highly Demanding Stress Positions!!!
19th July 2018

Ellarna Seeks Therapy & Is Left Stripped & Humiliated!!
15th July 2018

Samantha Alexandra Tied And Tickled To The Extreme!!!
12th July 2018

Exposed & Stranded Samantha Alexandra Can't Get Back Inside!!
7th July 2018

Limp Redhead Suffers A Humiliating Ordeal Using New App!
5th July 2018

Sexy Samantha Alexandra Forced To Strip By Pervy Bouncer!
30th June 2018

Take That Uniform Off Promptly Ellie!!
28th June 2018

Revenue & Customs Inspector Left Limp And Confused!!
24th June 2018

Sales Rep Samantha Alexandra Left Bewildered & Stripped!
21st June 2018

Teacher Ellarna Disciplined In The Form Of A Humiliating, Degrading Strip!!
16th June 2018

Female Airport Security Strip Nervous Passenger Danielle Maye!!!
13th June 2018

Ellie Roe Calls The Plumber & Is Left Limp At His Hands!
9th June 2018

Sullied Maid Ellarna Humiliated & Stripped!!!
5th June 2018

Sexy Samantha Is Limp on The Floor, Will Anyone Take Advantage?!
1st June 2018

Badly Behaved Student Samantha Alexandra Bent Over Gym Horse And Spanked!!!
30th May 2018

Samantha Alexandra Locked Out..... NAKED!!!
27th May 2018

Stripped, Shamed Ellie Roe Left Devastated & Humiliated!!
21st May 2018

Ellarna Strips Naked Giving Her Very Best To Stop The Leak!
18th May 2018

Samantha Alexandra Robbed And Forced To Strip Everything Off!!
16th May 2018

Sweet Innocent Ellie Strips To Guarantee Her Cheerleading Position!!!
13th May 2018

Humiliated Stripped Sophie's Intruder Shame!!
10th May 2018

Chav Ellie Roe EXPOSED by Sargent Samantha Alexandra!
6th May 2018

Controlling Boyfriend Demands Ellie Roe Goes Out Braless!!
3rd May 2018

Samantha Alexandra Foolishly Exposed For A SECOND TIME!!!
29th April 2018

Stripped & Disgraced Sexy Sophie Parker Seeks Revenge On Miss Davis!
26th April 2018